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As part of its strategy to attract investments and drive economic growth in the Northwest Territories, the Conseil de développement économique des Territoires du Nord-Ouest (CDETNO) rated the mining industry sector as a high potential investment opportunity

Many business opportunities arise at every step of a mining project for a variety of supporting activities

Mines in the NWT and Nunavut

* Cantung (Tungsten) closed down 2015 due to the market prices 

* Snap Lake (Diamonds) suspended in 2015 for economic reasons

The main results of this study highlight opportunities and strengths and threats and weaknesses

Opportunities and Strengths

Rich mineral potential

Devolved federal powers

Simplified legislative framework

Threats and Weaknesses

Lack of infrastructure

Unsettled land claims

Lack of  specialized workforce

Five strategic courses of actions were identified :

Exploration projects in the NWT and Nunavut

1. Business partnerships


2. Revived exploration

3. Promoting Yellowknife as a hub of Northern development


4. Human resource development


5. Seizing identified opportunities

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