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The Sahtu region encompasses five communities in NWT. The region borders the Yukon Territory on its western side, Inuvik to the north, the North Slave Region on the east and Tlicho to the south. The Sahtu region accounts for 6% of the NWT’s population and 5% of its income.

Norman Wells is the commercial and administrative center and has the highest average level of income in the NWT.  It serves as a regional air hub and the region’s primary service and supply center.

Transportation infrastructures: Three Sahtu communities are supplied during the summer by barges traveling along the Mackenzie River. The remaining two communities are supplied only in the winter by trucks traveling the winter roads.


Active project: Sahtu region has an oil field which was exploited until recently. There is still a 5 to 10 years exploitable reserve on site. Tungsten, emeralds and other minerals have been discovered in the region and significant potential exists for the development of hydro. 

Advanced exploration projects: Mactung(tungsten), Selwyn (base metals)

CommunitiesColville Lake, Déline, Fort Good HopeNorman Wells, Tulita.

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