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Want to invest or start a business in the NWT?

Come and take advantage of what the NWT can offer!

Why invest in the NWT?

The growth of the world population and the development of new technologies have led to an increasing demand for mineral resources such as rare earth, cobalt, tungsten and other, more traditional metals.


Although already proven to be rich and still promising, the mineral potential of the NWT has not been completely revealed.

La dévolution et la simplification du cadre législatif 

Legislative framework devolution and simplification

Local expertise and knowledge of the territories

Yellowknife's strategic location

Need for partnerships

Government of the NWT's new mineral strategy 

Undeveloped  mineral potential

Create a Competitive Edge

Establishing an Improved NWT Regulatory Environment

Promoting Sustainability

Enhancing Aboriginal Engagement and Community Capacity Building

Enhancing Workforce Development and Public Awareness


With its tremendous resource potential, geoscience data and community support, the Northwest Territories is an ideal location for investing in mining and exploration. Its geological diversity is part of its strength and given the vast land area, there is excellent potential for more detailed exploration and new mineral discoveries.

Mineral potential



The lack of infrastructure and limited workforce offers opportunities in the following areas:

Risk management:

 - remediation

 - first responder/medical care 

 - environmental service activities

 - environmental analysis lab

   (mineralogical and metallurgical


 - business intelligence

 - crisis management activities

Asset and technology operation and maintenance:  

 - mobile mining equipment operation and


 - installed mining equipment operation

   and maintenance

 - technical and scientific equipment


 - hardware and software design

 Mineral resource management :

 - underground drilling

 - lab analysis

 Administration and finance:

 - investment funds

 - lenders,especially in exploration

Research and development:

 - research and development 

 - innovation

Human resource management:

 - coaching and motivation

 - hiring activities

For more detail information you can consult GNWT Investment booklet. The booklet includes an introduction to the NWT and information on mining, oil and gas, tourism, film, agriculture, fishery, manufacturing, art, traditional economy, and the Business Stream of the NWT Nominee Program.

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